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  • About Malcolm S. Babel

    "Truce or Battle, Call Babel." For over 40 years Malcolm Babel has handled thousands of legal matters and presently handles family law and matrimonial matters exclusively. He has found through his years of experience that the best approach to … Continue Reading...

    About Malcolm S. Babel
  • Distribution of Marital Assets

    All assets acquired after the marriage are considered marital property subject to equitable distribution. New York is not a community property state where assets are divided equally. The key word in New York is equitable. Though as a practical … Continue Reading...

    Distribution of Marital Assets
  • Orders of Protection

    One can seek an order of protection against a violent spouse or member of their family or household from the Family Court, or through their divorce in the Supreme Court. Members of the same family or household includes: 1. Persons related by … Continue Reading...

    Orders of Protection
  • Separation/Annulment

    Here is some basic information on grounds for separation and annulment. Grounds for Separation Some couples want to legally separate but they stay married for possible future reconciliation or to maintain medical or tax benefits. Or, they can … Continue Reading...

  • Child Custody

    Children are undoubtedly the victims of divorce.  The upsets and problems that may have been responsible for the breakup of a marriage are felt doubly hard by the children.  So it is not hard to understand that it is the position of the courts that … Continue Reading...

    Child Custody
  • Maintenance/Alimony

    "Maintenance" is now the preferred word used by the courts when considering spousal support or alimony. Maintenance was formerly known as alimony. The domestic relations law provides for a court to order maintenance in such amount as justice … Continue Reading...

  • Family Law

    Family disputes and irreconcilable differences create a great deal of stress, uncertainty and confusion. If you are at the point where a friendly solution seems unreal, be assured that’s not necessarily the case. In my over 40 years of legal … Continue Reading...

    Family Law
  • Divorce

    New York is a "no fault" divorce state. This means that one of the grounds for divorce recognized is that of a marriage being “irretrievably broken” for at least six months prior to the commencement of the divorce. This ground makes divorce … Continue Reading...

  • Child Support

    Here are some common questions answered about child support and how it is calculated. Please give me a call for any further advice you might need. How is child support determined? Child support is determined on the basis of a law called the … Continue Reading...

    Child Support

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Queens Divorce Attorney Articles

Facts about Temporary Restraining Orders in New York

Divorce temporary restraining orderTemporary restraining orders can involve a range of issues dealing with access, possession, protection and support of a child or spouse. An initial order is granted by a judge because they have received a sworn affidavit that alleges immediate and irreparable injury, loss, or damage will result, affecting the best interest of the children, spouse and/or property, before a hearing can be held.

A temporary restraining order can prevent one parent from removing the children, prevent marital property from being wasted or hidden, prevent the denial of access to property, and prevent contact, communication or residency with a spouse.

Under New York law, the order will last days or weeks until the hearing is held at which a judge will weigh all the evidence presented to determine whether the entire order, part of it or none of it will continue as temporary orders.

If you have been served with a temporary restraining order, it is important that you retain a skilled attorney who will represent your side of the story. A good attorney will organize witnesses and bring evidence to disprove any inaccurate statements made against you which were the basis of the temporary restraining order.

With almost 40 years of legal experience, I know how best to help you with a temporary restraining order and its consequences. I pride myself on my ability to help my clients through such difficult circumstances and make them as comfortable as possible. Don’t hesitate to call me at 718-309-5662 anytime between 10 am and 10 pm, 7 days a week. “Truce or battle,” call Babel!